Services and Fees

Below are some of the services that AIM Properties provides:

  • Provide advertisements on multiple websites including Craigslist and Facebook to maximize exposure. We will make sure your property is seen in Albuquerque. AIM Properties treats every single home as a stand alone full on marketing campaign.
  • Provide signage on property and surrounding areas within 24 hours of contract. We utilize Realtor signs that are 2 sided with reflective lettering so your property will get noticed even at night.
  • Run credit, employment, residency and criminal background checks on every tenant.
  • Complete lease and disclosure paperwork.
  • We will take all maintenance claims and arrange for repairs to be made upon your approval. AIM Properties will not perform any maintenance up to a maximum amount specified without your consent.
  • Pay bills i.e. mortgage, water, association fees, etc. (optional)
  • Handle all communication with tenants.
  • Send monthly statements by the 15th of each month.


The management fee is 10% of the monthly rent plus gross receipts tax on a one year contract.

  • If the only service provided is the initial leasing of the property then the fee will be 50% of the first month’s rent plus gross receipts tax. We will advertise and find qualified tenants for you utilizing our Real Estate networks.
  • SPRING SPECIAL: No Start-up Fee, No Advertisement fee and first months management fee waived if the house is occupied. The fee is to compensate for our initial time invested and resources used in setting up your account, showing the property and advertising.

Rent is collected then fees and any additional bills are deducted. The remainder is mailed to the owner or held for reserve. All monies (rent, deposits, owner reserves, etc.) are kept in a Trust Account.

All statements will be mailed to owners no later than the 15th of each month.

Eviction Proceedings Only

Homeowners: Let AIM Properties handle the unpleasant task of removing non-paying tenants from your rental homes. We will file the necessary paperwork and attend the court hearing on your behalf. Fee: $500.00